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A1. By Submitting this Offer Sheet to TFA, who is representing the Artist, you(the "Purchaser") are making a binding legal offer to enter into a contract between the Purchaser and the Artist for the appearance by the Artist as described in this Offer Sheet.

A1i. Once you submit this Offer Sheet, your offer will be binding for the period of time set out in the "Offer Expiration" line in the Offer Sheet and cannot be withdrawn.

A1ii. The Artist, or TFA on the Artists behalf, can accept your offer at any time during this binding period by communicating an acceptance to you in the following manner: Via e-mail to the purchasers e-mail address specified in the offer sheet, and via phone call to the Purchaser's phone number specified in the offer sheet.

A2. if your offer is accepted, a binding legal contract is immediately formed between Purchaser and Artist. The terms of that contract will include the terms set out in the Offer Sheet, as well as the additional terms and conditions set out below. BEFORE PROCEEDING TO SUBMIT YOUR OFFER YOU ARE REQUIRED TO READ AND ACKNOWLEDGE THESE TERMS.


1. The terms of the contract provide the immediately upon acceptance of your offer, the amount described in the field "Guarantee to Artists" in the Offer Sheet is immediately owing and payable pursuant to the Artist by the Purchaser.

2. Schedule of payment is as follows, unless otherwise specified in contract agreement: 50% of said monetary amount is due immediately, balance(inclusive of taxes where applicable) is due day of show, prior to performance in the form of Cash, Certified Cheque, or Money Order only. The full amount of any additional or other gate receipt participation specified in the Offer Sheet shall be due and owing by Purchaser to Artist as soon as possible in the End Date at the conclusion of performance, unless otherwise agreed. The Purchaser shall be responsible for payment of any and all applicable taxes. All payments shall be made in the manner and at the places specified by Artist to Purchaser in writing.

3. The Deposit Amount shall be held in trust for the Purchaser and Artist as their interests may appear, and shall be credited against the amounts owing to the Artist. In circumstances where the Contract is not completed due to cancellation, withdrawal or default by the purchaser, 100% of the deposit is forfeited to the Artist. In the event that the Purchaser cancels any performance less than thirty (30) days before the Start Date, the Purchaser shall pay to the Artist, as liquidated damages, the full amount specified as Guarantee to Artists in the Offer Sheet. The Deposit Amount shall only be returned to Purchaser in the event: (a) the Artist's performance, as specified in the Offer Sheet, does not occur; and (b) the failure of the Artist to perform is through breach by Artist of this Agreement.

Please review your information and read the terms before submitting your offer.

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