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When Hannah Judge sings "I went to bed and didn`t get out for ten months," she isn`t kidding.Three days after releasing breakthrough track, "Car Crash in G Major, "Judge, who makes punchy, idiosyncratic bedroom pop under the moniker fanclubwallet, suffered a Crohn`s disease flare up, sending the Ottawa-based artist into hospital and ultimately leaving her bedridden in her childhood home.Yet far from letting her disability leave her inert, Judge met the moment by creating fanclubwallet`s charming, delightfully DIY debut EP, Hurt is Boring.Crafted between hospital visits by Judge and her producer/gradeschool bestie, Michael Watson, Hurt is Boring perfectly captures the innate balance of our stunted reality by tackling big feelings through the lens of emotional distance."It`s about taking the good with the bad," Judge, whose illness is now in remission, explains. "You can`t really appreciate one without the other."Opening with the aforementioned "Car Crash in G Major," a jaunty, metaphorical take on the final weeks of a doomed relationship which already boasts over 1.5 million streams on Spotify, the EP includes five new, yet equally indie-darling-soundtrack ready tracks. Throughout, Judge offers catchy, fresh takes on life`s melodramatic moments, a style she winkingly describes as "writing emo shit that doesn`t sound emo."For a case-in-point, look no further than the plaintive power-pop of lead single, "C`mon Be Cool," which perfectly sums up the feeling of moving beyond a moment when your friends are stuck in the past."I feel like a lot of people might have felt this way during the pandemic," Judge says of the song`s theme. "You`re isolated, your life has changed so much in a year, and you realize that maybe everyone else`s lives have not changed in the same manner."Named in honor of a Dennis the Menace wallet that belonged to her father, fanclubwallet began as a catch-all for Judge`s lo-fi musical musings, created using children`s keyboards in an effort to directly conjure her intended sound in as uncomplicated a manner as possible.In early 2020, a well-received cover of The Talking Head`s "This Must Be the Place," gave Judge the confidence to release a steady stream of singles. With each successive track, fanclubwallet carefully carved out a dedicated following (including super agent Tom Windish, who asked to manage the up and coming act) while finding placement on such esteemed playlists as Spotify`s New Music Friday and Lorem.With Hurt is Boring, fanclubwallet is set to charm a generation that`s been stuck at home, evaluating old relationships and generally being bored of being bored.As Judge sagely points out on the EP`s titular closing track, "Hurt is boring, but so is happiness. And I think that I like one more than the other."