Captain Tractor

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Captain Tractor has been playing their distinctive brand of Celtic Folk Rock in Alberta and abroad since 1993. If the band were a person, it would be graduating high school this year. Graduating, with honors that is. With seven full-length albums, two retrospective compilations, appearances on several collections (Due South, Higher Ground, Michael Weston King, Songs From the Ave), and a handful of awards, Captain Tractor is forging ahead with a new member and studio album. The full-length Famous Last Words will be released in Spring 2011.Long time friend, collaborator and colleague, Juno-award winning violinist Shannon Johnson (The McDades) has officially joined Captain Tractor. Although Johnson appears on many of the band`s past releases, this is the first time that she has been a part of the band, and involved in the songwriting and recording process from start to finish. Armed with some strong new songs and a fantastic new member, Captain Tractor is a powerhouse unit ready to storm through Canada and beyond. Recorded in Edmonton, mixed in Los Angeles, and mastered in Toronto, Famous Last Words is a collection of new songs, traditional songs, and two songs by their dear friend Joe Bird, whose untimely passing in 2009 left the Edmonton music scene reeling.Over the years, the Tractor has never stopped rolling through western Canada, and last summer headlined several Alberta festivals. With six exceptional players and performers, Captain Tractor has never been stronger or more entertaining than it is today.