The Trans-Canada Highwaymen

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The Trans-Canada Highwaymen are Moe Berg (TPOH), Chris Murphy (SLOAN), Craig Northey (Odds) and Steven Page (Ex-BNL) and they are going on tour to perform their hit songs and share road stories of the mixed bag of excitement, dread, inspiration, emotional torture and unconditional support that is being a band.It was against the beige backdrop of late 80`s and early 90`s that these front men of Canada`s most popular and commercially successful alt/rock, power/pop bands started their careers. Their unique perspectives on being catapulted from the hard working underground indie scene to acclaim during one of Canada`s most exciting and transformative music eras is a story only they can tell. This is a unique opportunity to witness them singing their hit songs together like I`m An Adult Now / Hard to Laugh/She`s So Young (TPOH), Underwhelmed / Coax me/The Other Man (SLOAN), It Falls Apart / Someone Who`s Cool/Make You Mad (Odds) and The Old Apartment / Brian Wilson/Jane (Ex-BNL) The performance gives audiences the opportunity to see four of Canada`s most successful & witty musical front men sharing stories, songs and laughter.Yes, they are going to play on each other`s songs as a band and yes, they will rock.