Sean Leon

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Visionary is a term that tends to be thrown around too often in the entertainment world. But in the case of Sean Leon, you might be forgiven for using it.A multitalented and prolific creator able to change the scene more often than adapt to it, Sean has been active in the realms of music, film and television for a decade, patiently crafting a unique universe of layered depths that has captivated a core of loyal followers. Fiercely independent, he has also proven to be an advocate for artist ownership and integrity, as well as a force for change in the cultural landscape of his native Toronto, always working to support the local ecosystem and empower his fellow artists.From the very start of his career, Sean`s music has attracted the attention of some of the most credible members of the industry, earning early accolades from the likes of VICE, Complex, or the FADER which would evolve into staunch praise through the years. Over the course of six full-length projects, Sean Leon`s brand became synonymous with trend-setting, immersive works of art able to influence the landscape of Canadian music for the better. A rare talent that did not remain unnoticed. Beyond his own musical accomplishments, Sean rapidly proved to be a partner of choice for some of the most accomplished creatives of his generation. From early collaborations with JUNO winners Daniel Caesar and Jazz Cartier to credits on Kanye West GRAMMY-winning "Jesus is King" and GRAMMY-nominated "Donda" albums as well as Justin Bieber`s GRAMMY-nominated single "Peaches," his writing has permeated through the North American music scene, demonstrating his unique skill and appeal.In the last two-years, Sean has kept busy, launching a multi-faceted creative agency, PUPIL, creating an audiovisual algorithm-based project, God`s Algorithm, preparing the release of his first fashion collection, acting as an ambassador for art-oriented collaborative space Artscape, launching a first of it`s kind incubator for creatives in Toronto, and most importantly, reinforcing his team and network ahead of his next major release. He is now ready to leverage his many accomplishments into the next step of his career, one that will propel him further than ever before and bring an international spotlight on his most ambitious album to date, In Loving Memory.