Mo Kenney

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Mo Kenney`s willingness to unflinchingly pursue their artistic impulses on their own terms has resulted in numerous accolades over the past decade, including a SOCAN Songwriting Prize, a nomination for Juno Adult Alternative Album of the Year, and too many East Coast Music Awards and Nova Scotia Awards to count. 2021`s "Covers", is an acoustic collection that offers a glimpse into the molecular musical composition of the artist interpreting them. 2022 release, "With You", was written, played, and produced by Kenney alone.One of the most refreshing things about Kenney is that their performance and stories are completely raw. There are no extravagances to cover it up. Their distinctive vocals and outstanding guitar playing are intensified by the simplicity, their songs relatable yet mysterious. A unique singer-songwriter, Mo`s music has been described as both folk and pop.2022 touring includes the US, the UK, Europe and Canada.